HotPot mini-Moots
Mini-conferences for the HotPot, QuizPort and TaskChain modules for Moodle

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Links to sites which use Hot Potatoes, QuizPort, TaskChain and other related resources.

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If you can read French, you can do this QuizPort unit of exercises about Moodle.

Mary Cooch has a lot of very useful UsingMoodle tutorials. Here's one: A three minute HotPotato in your Moodle.



Creating adaptive online learning materials with the QuizPort by Gordon Bateson can be read online or downloaded.



Deutsch nach Englisch In Italy, German is usually a second foreign language because English is almost always learned first. Maria Cristina Berger and Alfredo Colucci use English as a "learning bridge" to German. "Give the Hot Potatoes exercises a try!"



The Moodle site at uses hundreds QuizPorts and thousands of Hot Potatoes quizzes to help Japanese students develop the English listening skills.

eWorkbook English Level 1 is an online version of a CD supplement to Beginner English courses. Developed by Stan Bogdanov in 2006.
eWorkbooks Level 1 English


Hot Potatoes Tutorials and How-to's
Stan Bogdanov of New Bulgarian University has advice on using Flash audio and video players & a taxonomy of 70+ exercise types. If you see an unusual Hot Potatoes exercise and you don't know how to do it, check for a tutorial on Stan's site.



International House - Budapest language school has had online English language exercises (Beginner to Advanced) since 2007 as a marketing strategy to attract new students. Developed by Stan Bogdanov
ih hu exercises


Lesmateriaal gemaakt met Hot Potatoes created by Henny Jellema. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, she uses Hot Potatoes exercises to help immigrants to learn Dutch.



Interview with Martin Dougiamas the creator of Moodle.

Gordon Bateson's keynote speech at the Hakodate MoodleMoot



Interactive online practice tests in 6 languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, RU) for 6 levels (A1-C2 CEFR) in Moodle at New Bulgarian University, Foreign Language Centre, developed by Stan Bogdanov with HotPotatoes.
NBU Online tests


Martin Holmes (left) and Stewart Arniel (right), developers of Hot Potatoes, interviewed by Leo Laporte. Since the interview, Hot Potatoes has become shareware and can be used for free by all teachers.

Strivney is Deborah Delin's site for teaching children to read using phonics. It also offers free English as Second Language resources for young learners.
It's almost entirely made up of Hot Potatoes exercises presented through QuizPort.



Technically interesting Hot Potatoes pages has examples of how Hot Potatoes can be used and also links to resources for making exercises.
It's on the English Online France site which has many listening, grammar and pronunciation exercises made with Hot Potatoes.